Chef in Residence

Chef In Residence


25th June – 08th September

African Volcano began when Cape Town-born husband and wife team, Grant and Julie, created their own Mozambique-style Peri Peri sauces in 2012.

 Great Guns Social is set for a sizzling summer thanks to new resident chef, Grant Hawthorne. Fans of African Volcano’s Maltby Street Market offerings will know to expect expertly grilled beef fillets, mouthwatering burgers and Mozambique-style chicken, but Grant’s foray into the Great Guns Social Kitchen will see ‘Southern Grill by African Volcano’ - an exploration of Southern-style cooking the world over; from Southern America to South Africa and Southern Europe - taking over the kitchen from June 26th.


Past Chefs

Jay Morjaria presents Dynasty

Jay Morjaria has a passion for creating experimental, 'plant-forward' food that draws inspiration from his lengthy stays in Asia, which eventually culminated in the birth of his brand ‘Dynasty’.

In the countries that Morjaria takes influence from, the word dynasty signifies a series of leaders in the same family - something that holds a personal meaning, as he comes from a family of proven restaurateurs.

Morjaria explained: “I’m really looking forward to my upcoming residency at Great Guns Social. It’s a creative venue that offers a relaxed, intimate atmosphere and I know the diners there are ready and willing to try something new. I’m going to bring them incredible East Asian food with a party atmosphere - it’ll be a lot of fun.’

Website: | Instagram: @chefjaymorjaria

Chef Khalid Dhabi

Born in Rabat, Morocco, Dahbi brings to Great Guns Social an innovative and playful twist on local Moroccan dishes that would be the centrepiece of social gatherings at his family home.

Utilising core traditional flavours, whilst using the best of seasonal British ingredients and produce, his modern Moorish dishes are colourful, full of flavour and great for sharing. Guests can order, for example, the caramelised chicken and almond pastilla or the glazed tangia of Jacob's beef rib. For vegetarians, there are more choices including a purple aubergine with figs and almonds served with butter couscous. Weekends serve a more traditional English brunch menu with some Moorish offerings.

Website: | Instagram: @khaliddahbi