Pot Luck Menu with Maria Elia

Date: 15 February, 2020 (7:00 pm)
Hello, Thank you so much for joining us for dinner (or thinking bout it) with Maria Elia on Saturday 15th. To celebrate the end of Maria’s residency at Great Guns Social, she has prepared a ‘POT LUCK MENU’, made up of  the most popular dishes from the last two weeks that we will be serving ‘dim sum style’ (Although we haven’t got a trolley, but if anyone reading this wants to loan us one for the night we’ll trade you a couple of cocktails). Saturday’s service will be from 7pm til 8.30pm with a set price of £30 per head. Our bar team are jumping on the ‘dim sum band wagon’  serving a selection of whatever Benny (our fabulous mixologist) feels like on the night! For an extra £20 per head we’ll be serving 5 cocktails tasters and two glasses of Greek wine. Reservations for this one off night can be made online/ give us a call on 020 3475 0030 or alternatively drop us email. Looking forward seeing you all soon, the bar’s open from 3pm! Kind regards Maria and Team GGS